Let us help you launch your online store along with the POS and Payment Terminal installation!

Loyalty Sense offers fully integrated POS systems for the retail industry. This includes integration with the payment terminal and also the online store. Bar-code scanning through UPC code enables faster retrieved the item for purchase. The inventory on your POS is synchronized with your online store and the inventory in your POS can be kept up-to-date with your warehouse.

Key Function

  • Integration: Multiple payment terminals integration options with POS.

  • Online Ordering: Integration from Web to POS.

  • Inventory Management: Inventory tracking, real-time consumptions-based inventory updates, out-of-stock automated low inventory notification.

  • Time and Attendance: Schedule employee shifts. Track employee work hours. (Overtime, Holidays, Vacation and Sick Days)

  • Cost/Margin: Detailed costing of menu items.

  • Report by Product: Business analytics and product by best and worst sellers

  • QuickBooks Integration: Export financial data.

Business Benefit

  • Error reduction in processing orders, improves efficiency and financial reconciliation.

  • Orders are sent directly to the point sale terminal; reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction. Increase sales.

  • Avoid potential loss of sale through accurate inventory tracking.

  • Reduction in overheads through embedded timesheet management.

  • Accurate profit/loss analysis of each item to ensure profitability.

  • Improve business performance.

  • Reduce bookkeeping and reconciliation effort.