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Loyalty Sense offers standalone and integrated Point of Sale (POS) solutions – with payment terminals for the restaurant industry. The POS has multi-terminal and multi-location support. Our state-of-the-art solutions are designed to add tremendous value to your business in tandem with enhancing customer experience. The Return on Investment (ROI) is important for businesses as margins are thin in the restaurant industry. We ensure that while the merchant focuses on their core business, our solutions add value when it comes to process improvement, cost reduction and increasing sales.

Key Function

  • Integration: Multiple payment terminals integration options with POS. Includes options for pay-at-the-table and manage reservations.

  • Online Ordering: Integration from Web to your kitchen. Online pre-payment option while order placement.

  • Digital Menu: Integration of POS with you the digital menu on the TV.

  • Time and Attendance: Schedule employee shifts. Track employee work hours. (Overtime, Holidays, Vacation and Sick Days)

  • Cost/Margin Calculation: Detailed costing of menu items.

  • Floorplan Management: Customer the virtual floorplan to match the physical space of the restaurant.

  • Integration with QuickBooks: Export financial data.

Business Benefit

  • Error reduction in processing orders, improves efficiency, enhances communication between front house/back house and accurate tracking of orders. The unique tipping options enables customers to give high tips amounts based on server performance.

  • Orders are sent directly to the kitchen and point sale terminal; reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction. Increase sales.

  • Real-time update of items and prices for easier addition/deletion/medication to the menu. Cost reduction compared to manual menu updates and improve efficiency.

  • Reduction in overheads through embedded timesheet management.

  • Accurate profit/loss analysis of each item to ensure profitability.

  • Effective and efficient management of seating of patrons leading to enhanced customer experience.

  • Reduce bookkeeping and reconciliation effort.