Reduce your costs so more money can be left for your heartfelt cause!

Charities are non-profit organizations that makes a difference beyond a business benefit. Through our transparent pricing model, you will be able to reduce your payment processing costs and keep more money for what matters the most. In addition that, take advantage of the technology for easier management of funds and enhance accountability.

Key Function

  • World-Class Dashboard: Dashboard that helps the cab company to manage payment terminals for cabs.

  • Donation-based transaction tracking: Assign a unique PIN to each driver for login.

  • Wired/WIFI/LTE Connectivity Options: Connect your payment terminal to mobile phone via mobile hot spot or LTE SIM and accepts payments.

  • Virtual Terminal: Provides business a secondary payment option in parallel with Clover Flex

  • Email and Mobile Receipts: Send customer email and mobile receipts in tandem with collecting their information for future promotions.

  • QuickBooks Integration: Export financial data.

  • Look and Feel: Unlike traditional terminals, Clover Flex gets customer attention immediately and it is also easy to use.

Business Benefit

  • Ease of management of donations.

  • Different donation types can be managed through alternate logins so for separate management of donation buckets. This resutls in ease of tracking of dontations.

  • Ensures business continuity in case the Internet is down.

  • Adds a level of redundancy to the physical payment terminal. For any reason, it something happens to the physical terminal, virtual terminal can be used for business continuity.

  • Donation requests can be sent weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or at the frequency when donations are required for initiatives. Helps increase collection of donations.

  • Reduce bookkeeping and reconciliation effort.

  • Enhances customer experience. In the overall scheme of things, it is one more aspect that helps build emotional connection with your brand.